Knit Voyage: Colorado Nature Swatch Pack

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Knit Voyage: Colorado Nature Swatch Pack

Atlas Knits
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Have some yarn in your stash that you want to check if it's going to work with one of the patterns in the Colorado Nature collection? Want to check if you even like the stitch patterns before you invest the $10? Introducing the Colorado Nature swatch pack. Swatch just like I swatched - with directions written directly from the swatches I created for the designs. Don't compare apples to oranges -that's not going to help you achieve the fabric, gauge, or yarn choice that you want - compare apples to apples! (Or in this case, swatches very similar to the swatches I created.)

What You're Getting

* Four Multi-Page Letter-Sized PDFs with Swatching Information for the following patterns: Aspen Roots, Mountain Snowmelt, Stargaze, and Wildfire Blaze

* Windswept Skies swatching information is Section 2 of the pattern, there are no separate swatch instructions included in this swatch pack.

* A $1 Ravelry discount code that can be used on individual patterns from the collection or the collection ebook 

* Please note that while the shawl patterns are tech edited and test knit, the swatches have not been tech edited and have been partially tested. If you think you may have found an error, please email me at support@atlasknits.com.

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That's It!

If you find an error or would like help, please contact me at support@atlasknits.com. I welcome all feedback and suggestions!

Update Log

05/24/18: v1.0 - Released
11/26/18: Update sent with discount code and Aspen Roots swatch update

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